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Our exceptional level of experience guarantees the smoothest and freshest way to deliver your project. Whether it's a small facebook app or a scalable iOS webshop, we provide technology and structure most suitable for your requirements and budget.

We are truly an internet company, offering productivity and slick workflow no matter where you are on this planet. We assure equal commitment to large scale projects as well as specific tasks deciding on the appropriate resource.

Our aim is to create convenient and reliable product and workflow you can trust.

We also determine to stretch the boundaries of the ever-changing web and mobile markets by developing new opensource tools for more reliability and efficiency.

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Janos Csikos


UX and Backend

I should say I've been in the coding business since the dawn of the internet but in fact I wrote my first proper program in 1992 as a child. I've been following every heartbeat of the web since its birth, always been more interested in the less spectacular bits like advanced database handling and optimization techniques. With true passion towards the internet I have extensive insight into it and its possible future.

David Szucs


UI and Frontend

After 7 years of app and visual development in advertising I have mastered the little tricks of the WOW factor. A sort of buddhist attitude allows me to stay calm and open under all circumstances. I can be trusted in sorting out anything... except the chaos on my desk.